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World of Tanks Live Player Count

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6,278 Players Online

The more frequently the number of players online can change as new players join and existing players finish their gaming session, the more popular the game is. The number of individuals currently playing World of Tanks may change in response to special announcements made by the game’s producers, Wargaming, or competitions hosted by well-known players.

The number of active players you can see above is the most accurate estimate of how many individuals are now playing World of Tanks in real-time throughout the entire world, according to our Gohost Network Protocol (GNP) technology.

About World of Tanks

Wargaming, a Belarusian business, created the massively multiplayer online game World of Tanks (WoT), which features combat vehicles from the 20th century (1910s–1970s). The game is free to play, but users can choose to pay a charge to access “premium” features. This is based on the freemium business model. The gameplay focuses on player versus player, with each player driving an armored vehicle during the Cold War and Pre-World War II periods.

World of Tanks

Several gaming platforms have received the World of Tanks port. World of Tanks: Modern Armor, formerly known as World of Tanks: Valor, was created by Wargaming West for the PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One. Along with a board game called World of Tanks Rush and a collectible card game called World of Tanks: Generals, World of Tanks has also been ported to mobile platforms under the name World of Tanks Blitz. World of Warships and World of Warplanes came after World of Tanks.

Game play

The player enters a combat on a randomly generated map while controlling one armored tank or self-propelled artillery vehicle of their choice. The player can command the movement and firing of the vehicle as well as typed or spoken dialogue with allies and other players. A straightforward random match is won by either destroying every vehicle on the other team or by taking control of their base by holding it for an extended period of time without being hit by another tank. The gaming concepts are the same in other game types, however the fight rules vary. The game mechanisms in World of Tanks include camouflage, shell ricochets, module damage, and personnel damage.

Random fights, team-training battles, tank-company combat, team battles, stronghold battles, and special battles are the six main types of battles that can be selected by players in World of Tanks. Historical Battle and Rampage were once available options, but they have since been removed for improvement due to the negative feedback they received after their releases. [Reference needed] People can also join platoons, which are teams made up of two or three players, during random conflicts. The game types also include missions that must be finished for a variety of rewards. Up to 15v15 players may participate in a random battle; bots may be deployed to fill in any gaps.

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Top Countries Playing World of Tanks

Below you will find stats on the top five countries by active daily participation.

Ecuador Ecuador – 23.12%

United States of America United States – 45.82%

Mexico Mexico – 3.64%

Argentina Argentina – 13.55%

Canada Canada – 12.73%

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